We love nature, wildlife and art. We believe appreciation for them in their authentic form is rewarding. It is our aim to share this passion with you.

Animal and Wildlife Printed Shirts and Cushions

We are excited to offer animal designs printed on men’s and women’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, scarves and cushions. Our designs are hand drawn in pen and ink by artist Daniel Guentchev, our products are made from high quality cotton, and our designs are printed in-house. We invite you to browse our online shop and enjoy Daniel’s unique drawings. We offer a range of designs. If you are impressed by African animals, check out our elephant, chimpanzee, lioness and giraffe shirts. For the fans of predators, we have our popular grizzly bear, wolf, coyote, and jaguar shirts. Bird lovers may enjoy our barn owl, crow, hummingbird, golden eagle, and duck prints. Horse lovers may appreciate our beautiful Friesian horse image on a scarf or cushion. For those impressed by antlers and horns critters, we feature two animal skull drawings of the ram and fallow deer skull, as well as elk, deer and ibex drawings. If you are in search of cuteness, look up our fox, squirrel or badger.And no menagerie is complete without a humpback whale.

We hope you share our love of animals and wearable art.

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